Our goal is to perpetuate the legacy you have created by positioning the business you have built for continued success


Our Values


People First

Take care of employees, and employees will take care of customers


Long-Term Outlook

Short-term decisions never at the expense of long-term benefit


Ideas Over Titles

Good ideas, whether from the most junior employee or most senior, have equal merit



We analyze businesses from all angles. The industry in which you operate as well as where in the industry’s value chain you’ve chosen to compete matters to you as well as us. Beyond industry, we also consider company-specific performance metrics. Has the company been profitable in good times and bad? Do your customers turn to you for a mission-critical service? With confidence in the foundation, ultimately, we look for avenues through which we can reliably and responsibly grow your business.

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Are we right for you?

We care deeply about the human element in this equation: you, your employees, and your customers.  We very much value what your goals are.  Are you looking to exit and retire?  Are you looking to remain involved in the business into which you have spent years pouring time, energy, and effort?  Our plan is not to take the reins and move the company in a radically different direction.  If we’re talking, it’s because we believe you have been a good steward of your business, and that’s exactly what we are committed to being.

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