We’re looking to partner with a profitable business that has opportunities for growth


Business Dynamics


Fragmented and Growing Industry

No single players with outsized market share

Growth tailwinds are driven more by addressable market opportunity expansion than share grabs from competitors

The overall pie is growing, not just your slice of the pie

Elegance in Simplicity

Your most junior employee can explain what your business does – and how it does it – just as easily as you can


Low Cyclicality and Seasonality

Profitable in good times and bad



Predictable, Recurring Revenue

$5–$30 million of revenue

80%+ of last year's customers are this year's customers

Strong preference for revenue that is contractually recurring

Healthy Margins

20%+ pre-tax profit margin

You provide a mission-critical service and, as a result, have strong pricing power

Low Capital Requirements

Business does not need constant and costly infusion of capital to maintain baseline operations

Customer base can scale at a faster rate than the capital necessary to serve those new customers